Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Okie dokie.. so this is yet again another segment that I would like to include on this blog. On these posts I will include a list of all of the things (movies, television shows, music, books, food..) that I have been loving recently in my life. I hope that you all enjoy!

1) Lost (television show)
To be completely honest I never really thought that I would really get into this show let alone it becoming on of my favourites. The acting is awesome, the scenery is breath-taking, the writing is brilliant and the storyline is original. This is definitely a must-see!

2) Prison Break (television show)
This show took a bit of getting into in order to actually enjoy it. After watching the first few episodes (by few I mean like 10 or so) I wasn't totally convinced that this was 'the show' for me, but I did know that I was definitely curious enough to finish watching the first season. I am currently on the last disc, and I cannot get enough. A lot of the characters are the kind of people that you love to hate; sick slime balls who actually belong in jail, but the character development throughout the whole thing is amazing. I love how when you watch it, you just cannot stop; you absolutely HAVE to watch five more without question.

3) Lost Girl (television show)
Alright, I cheated. This is not that much of a recent love, but it still HAS to be mentioned in this post. All I can say is AMAZING! I cannot wait to meet the cast at Fan Expo in Toronto on Saturday! Who else is going?

4) The Mortal Instruments (Novel Series) (Specifically 'City Of Bones' and 'City Of Ashes'.. because those are the only ones that I have read ^.^)
I cannot possibly describe to you all how much I love these books, but they still do not trump 'The Hunger Games' or 'Harry Potter' in my book (haha, book.. get it?). Please let me know if you would be interested in seeing a review on these bad boys.

5) My IPod Touch
I received this for my 17th birthday from my parents (in July) and I have been having a ball with it since. My favourite apps would include Hot Gems, the camera, Facebook, Twitter and Hangman.

6) Anything zombie-ish (books mostly)
Must I say more?

7) Katy Perry
(sp?) (singer)

8) Maroon 5 (band)

9) Anything acoustic (music)

10) Filming/anything to do with YouTube (electronics)
Yes, I realise that I have not uploaded anything in awhile, but I am working on some things, I promise :)

stay strong and keep chugging along, -Madeleine

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