Saturday, November 19, 2011

My 2011 Christmas List

You will probably laugh at me (I know my parents did), but these are the things that I would like for Christmas :)

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Any jewelry from Kate Spade
A Mac computer
Shoes (From Brash at Payless, rain boots, converse, army/riding boots, or any other type of shoe)
Fashion scarves (I have been looking for a nice white/cream/oatmeal coloured one, and I like anything that is crocheted or has lace on it)
Mac makeup (they have come out with holiday stuff, but the permanent stuff is nice too/lipstick, eyeshadow, lipgloss..)
Any kind of makeup from Sephora
Any kind of makeup from Shoppers
Nice makeup brushes
Benefit Creaseless Creme Shadow Liners
Anything kind of body products for Bath And Body Works
Nail polish (OPI, China Glaze, Sally Hanson) *I really like darker colours, and I really need a white and black
A Cross
Coach Poppy Perfume (there is a Coach store in Mapleview mall)
Avril Lavigne's Black Star Perfume
Avril Lavigne's Wild Rose
An Iphone
Ipod Touch case
New headphones (preferably ear buds)
Clear nail polish rack (can be bought off of ebay)
Itunes gift card
The Book Of Awesome
The Hunger Games hard cover books
Anything pertaining to The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and True Blood
Anything from Sunrise Records
Frames for both of my signed posters (dollar store?)
Air freshener
An ear cuff (etsy has amazing ones)
A tattoo
A Clarisonic Mia
Movies (anything that looks good, I like watching them together after) (The new Harry Potter movies, anything from Pixar... the usual)
Anything from Green Earth
That elephant from Stokes (anything from Stokes, really)
Any other Wii games that look good
A hedgehog

stay strong and keep chugging along, -Madeleine