Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello, hello, hello...
As I am sure that you all already know, spring is *almost* upon us, and there are some AMAZING fashion trends that seem to be wiggling there way out of the wood work this season. Here is the (un)official list of the trends that I am pretty excited for:

1) high/low hemlines on clothing. -My mother really hates this look, but I think that it injects an extra bohemian-flower-girl-wild-child kind of vibe if you get my drift.

2) Neon/bright colours on clothing and accessories. If any of you are avid YouTube beauty guru watchers, then I am sure that you have spotted Ingrid's (Missglamerazzi) neon green purse that I have been drooling over. If you are not daring and bold enough to go for a bright shirt or pair of hot-poppin' shorts, then I would suggest sticking with an on-trend arm of stacked neon bracelets (covering two fantastic trends), or a pair of awesome kicks!

3) Colour blocking- Read above, I don't really feel like repeating myself :D
-bright, daring lips- This trend will look fantabulous on anyone; no matter what your body type, skin colour, gender, or age is. You got this, chick-ah!

4) Straight across bangs- They're baaaaaaaack......

5) Colours: yellow, green and blue- All are super gorgeous, and totally suitable for anyone.

Please let me know which fashion trends you will be taking advantage of this spring! As always, thank you all so much for reading xox

stay strong and keep chugging along, -Madeleine

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